In Memorium – Gabby the Cat

I had to put my cat Gabby down on Thursday 12 November 2015. She was the sweetest cat, and it was really hard. I was torn about even writing about it but I think it will help me.

Gabby and Cal (Caligari) who passed away a few years ago, were the first pets I got on my own that weren’t also family pets. I was living in Milwaukee at the time and had just gotten my first apartment on my own – something that wasn’t a dorm room or a living with roommates situation. Someone at work mentioned having two shelter cats they’d taken in but couldn’t keep – so I adopted Gabby and Cal. They were wonderful pets.

Gabby would sit on my lap when I watched TV (Cal sat right on my chest ’til he passed obviously.) I’d take them both back and forth from Milwaukee to Michigan when I visited my parents – and when my situation forced me to move back to Michigan permanently my cats came too.

When Caligari passed I was devastated. Having Gabby helped me get through it – and Dad soon got Moxie the kitten.

And I still had Gabby, who was so sweet – she was always there for me, sleeping on my bed, and following me around the house. She just wanted to me near me. And any time I was upset or even crying – I had my Gabby.

About three years ago I started giving her subcutaneous fluids, first every other day, then every day. This greatly improved her quality of life and extended her life.

But this month she just… suddenly went downhill. Her last few days she was crying all the time and her voice didn’t even sound normal. She was constantly drinking water – and even eating a lot but still losing weight. She’d even throw-up a couple times a day. She even one night while I was watching TV went over to the box of copy paper under my desk, got in, like it was her litterbox and peed. I think she was either confused, or it had become too hard for her to get in and out of the litterbox. I felt so  bad for her – but I really think it was her time.

Gabby, my sweet cat, was 19 going on 20. She is and will be missed. I really loved the little cat.