Agile Update – Week 47

Last week was better than the week before and was topped off with my taking a much-needed weekend off, and attending a conference in Chicago. I returned energized, relaxed, and much happier. Last week I wrote two WordPress posts, my regular Agile Update post and a post about my cat, Gabby, whom I recently had to put down. So that was only two posts for the week – but with the Holiday and travel, I really only had three days to write. And I did write every day, because I also posted a review of Birds of Prey Volume 1 to my GoodReads page. See the widget on the lower right of this blog page to read it. So I wrote every day, which means I did hit the goal to write daily.

I didn’t have class at all last week, due to the holiday, but I did finish reading and taking notes on Chapter 17, and I did my homework sheet for Chapter 17. And I started Chapter 18. I really should have 18 and 19 also done by tomorrow. Still my A+ class is going well so far.

My Twitter followers also hit 375 followers – the most I’ve ever had. My next goal is 400.

My schedule in terms of the holidays and my vacation was on Wednesday I had Thanksgiving Dinner with my parents, then on Thursday I drove to my hotel in Chicago and checked in. I had an excellent time and was able to relax, meet people, and even do some professional networking. I returned home late Sunday night but energized and relaxed and ready for the week.

My goals are to write at least three posts a week, to exercise regularly, and to work on professional development – which is currently certifying or re-certifying in A+ (a basic-level computer science certification.) Next week I should be able to get back to my weekly Yoga class.

The Agile program emphasizes setting weekly goals, writing out your daily outcomes, then writing a weekly reflection on what went right and what didn’t over the week. But rather than beat yourself up for not meeting a goal, or not doing as well as you might want – it’s a program of continuous improvement. It’s excellent for those of us who pressure ourselves to do well and then get upset when something isn’t perfect. In organizations it’s also a cooperative, cross-disciplinary team methodology, rather than a competitive one. Also, unlike waterfall project management, where the entire project is designed at the beginning with the expectation that it is perfect – Agile strongly emphasizes that one continuously improve – so with a software program, for example, version 1 is “as best as possible”, but it is improved for version 2, etc. On a personal level, Agile can be used as a framework for organizing personal improvement. For me, that’s writing, health (especially exercise), and professional development. But it can be used for striving towards any goal.


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