Agile Update – Week 48

I was thinking I did really well last week, and looking over everything that I accomplished – yes I very much did. I wrote three blog entries last week. The first post was actually a discussion of the “Women in STEM” panel at Chicago TARDIS, as a woman who’s interested in computers, technology, and geeky topics – further development and encouragement of girls to consider STEM fields and support of women entering or attempting to enter STEM fields is an interest of mine. On the one hand, I see encouraging items on a regular basis – from Google’s “Girls who Code” initiative to the hundreds of Twitter accounts focused on women in business, the Arts, and STEM. On the other, I still routinely see discouraging words from male gatekeepers who “don’t want girls” in their field (rarely is it put that strongly, but the sentiment is still widely there). I also wrote and posted my regular Agile update – so I had two posts on the same day, which is something I rarely do. Finally, I watched and posted reviews of a movie to my Blogger movie review blog as well as here on WordPress.

I also did some personal things such as starting my Christmas shopping on CyberMonday (The boxes arrived in the same week – Woo hoo!). And I talked to a self-publishing house about turning my year’s worth of Agile Update posts into a book. At this time, using a self-publishing house seems much too expensive. However, I’m just in the very early stages of getting my experiences with using Agile for personal and professional development onto paper. Literally. So watch this space.

In terms of exercise, I was able to go to my Gentle Yoga class last week! Woo hoo! First time in two weeks. The class was busy, and included new people. I enjoyed it very much. Also, good news, although the class ends on December 16 – it will pick-up again in January. It even looks to be the same time and day of the week. Woo hoo!

Class – and Professional Development

Lots happened – as I realized I was a week behind. Sigh. Apparently, my vacation week wasn’t a vacation. So I read and took notes on chapter 18 in the A+ book. I also did the chapter review homework pages. So, when I went to class I was able to turn in chapters 16 – 18, but not chapter 19 because I hadn’t finished it by the first class day (I go twice a week). However, the day after class I read and took notes on chapter 19, and did the chapter review exercises – plus turned it in during the second class of the week. So, I was on time for the week, just not the day. Also, last week I read and took notes on chapter 20 and 21 and did the homework chapter reviews. It’s done. So I can turn it in on time. We are now doing completely different types of tests – both an in-class test and an at-home transcender test (which is a type of testing software). Well, I did horribly on the new test in class. But I re-took it at home without distractions and did much better – a 96%. Yea!

Last week my Twitter account went to 400 followers. Yea! Another personal goal reached. My next goal is 425, though over the last few days my Twitter account has gone up and down a lot, though not by much. I’ve noticed that plus-or-minus five to ten followers on any given day or even time is the norm for Twitter. Part of it has to do with fake accounts (hint – if you check a new “follower” and the account description promises 1000s of followers for real money, and the feed is full of advertisements – you don’t want them as a follower anyway.) And I’m sure there are other reasons for the fluctuations as well – that are never personal, or something to worry about. I’m just excited to increase my following so fast!


So last week was excellent. Not only did I get a lot done – but it wasn’t solely in a single area. This is important to me as I sometimes tend to over-focus in one area of my life at the expense of other things. I also found that for my professional development, as things get busier with holidays and other Things That Must Be Done – doing a small amount daily is just as good or better than spending all day on a single task (such as reading/taking notes/studying a homework chapter). I also feel there is nothing to beat myself up over – which is a good feeling.


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