Agile Update – Week 49

Last week I concentrated on professional development pretty much to the exclusion of all else. Consequently, the only post last week was my weekly Agile Update post. I also did manage to go to my Yoga class. However, I’ve been working on getting not simply caught-up but ahead in my professional development, namely studying for my A+ certification. Last week I read three chapters in the A+ text, took notes, and did the homework questions. Usually I only do two a week, so that puts me actually ahead of where I should be. I also attended my class on Tuesday and Thursday. We also have a new testing tool, called Transcender. I’ve used it before, though this seems to be a different version than the one I used. Anyway, I did four Transcender tests, and managed to figure out the problem with them not going to my instructor. I also took a test on Thursday in class and received a 92% which is a passing grade. Yeah.

Overall, it was a successful week, though I was mostly concentrated on getting ahead in my studies for my A+ certification. I still managed to write my weekly Agile post and I also managed to attend Yoga for the first time in two weeks! That’s a good result.


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