Agile Update – Week 50

Last week was very successful personally. You’ll see why in a moment.  I only wrote two blog posts – my regular Agile Update, and a movie review (that project plugs along). And for writing I also reviewed one book, a graphic novel actually, on GoodReads. To read my review of Fractures, see the GoodReads widget on the lower right corner of this blog. Last week I attended my vet’s retirement party. It was open house style, so very brief, but it was nice to be able to stop by and say hi. I also went to my Gentle Yoga class – last class for the year. The class was awesome, and I’m going to miss it.

Much of my time last week was spent filling out paper work for, dun dun da: my new job! I had an interview on December 14, which ended with a verbal offer – subject to background and security checks. On December 22, I received my official written offer and accepted the position. Apparently, the checks are still on-going, but as of now I’m scheduled to start Jan 4. I haven’t really talked about every job I’ve applied to over the last year, or every phone interview, or even the in-person interviews I’ve had – partially to avoid jinxing anything, and partially because I just kept getting so discouraged and disgusted with it all. But I kept track of everything in Evernote, and in my Agile notebook. And if one of my unstated goals was, “get a new job”, I have now accomplished that goal. I’m starting as a Knowledge Base Writer, and will be transferred to the call center position in February. The KB Writer job is no benefits but the call center is full benefits. And training for both is paid. (Actually, the KB position is just on-the-job training, but it should be very similar to my previous technical writing job, and things I’ve done on this blog – like correct HTML.) I’m so happy! And not a moment too soon, because my situation was getting pretty desperate.

I also worked on my A+ class – because for this job, I still need to be certified, the sooner the better, and I think I really need to be done by the end of January. Which means in January I’ll be working full time and taking the equivalent of a full part-time course load because of the way the class meets (3 hours twice a week, that would equal six credits if it was an accredited college course). So January will be very busy, and I fully expect my favorite shows to sit on the DVR until at least the weekend and maybe until February. On the other hand, some shows are taking a Winter break anyway.

In terms of my class, I read chapter 25, took notes, and did the chapter review for my A+ class. I attended class both days. I did three Transcender exams, one in the classroom. I also turned in the chapter reviews for 23, 24, and 25 – which put me ahead of schedule. I just need to keep up the pace so I can finish the book, and review and study until I feel confident about passing my A+ exam. And since I’ve already been hired, I don’t have to also worry about going broke, not getting a job, not being hired, or having to wait for months to get into the next wave of hiring and training.


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