Agile Update – Week 51

Last week was Christmas week, which made for a busy week but I still managed to get things done, including a fair amount of writing. I wrote three posts on WordPress: my weekly Agile update (though it was late, and not posted until Wednesday), a review of Season 3 of The Batman, and an opinion piece about Abrams comments about women and Star Wars. I also reviewed Doctor Who Millennial Rites on GoodReads. See the widget on the lower right corner of this blog to read my review. Millennial Rites was the last of the Virgin Publishing Missing Doctor Adventures that I have in paperback, though I do have a few more to read in e-book format. I feel both very accomplished to finish off reading my collection of the Doctor Who Past Doctor and Missing Doctor Adventures, but at the same time I will miss them.

In the professional development sphere, I read, took notes, and did the chapter review for chapter 26 in my A+ review book. I attended class on Tuesday and did two labs, turning in the sheets for credit. Because of the holiday, we did not have class on Thursday.

Last week my Mom and I finished our Christmas shopping, then did the wrapping of presents on Wednesday. On Thursday (Christmas Eve) we went to my brother and sister-in-law’s house for Christmas. Because of the wind storm on Wednesday night – they had no power, which meant no heat (the furnace has an electric starter and electric blower), and no running water (a pump for a private well requires electricity). But, oddly enough we made the most of it. My brother cooked the ham and turkey breast on the grill outside (it was oddly warm). We opened presents. My sister-in-law was able to use her gas stove top by manually lighting it (carefully) so she cooked the potatoes that way, and mashed them the old-fashioned way. I even got to play a round of my brand-new Doctor Who Clue game with the twins, my brother, my sister-in-law, and my Mom. In short, it was a lot quieter, no distractions, and it made for a very happy and enjoyable holiday – even though it was also cold and dark. I went to Christmas Eve services with my parents at the Dominican center (a Catholic Chapel). It was a very nice service, if a bit long.

Overall, for a holiday week last week was very nice. I was glad to get three posts done on WordPress, though I didn’t have time to do a movie review. I also completed one book review on GoodReads, but didn’t get my next graphic novel review done. Still, overall, it was very successful.