Agile Update – Year 2 – Week 2

I am now in my second year of using Agile as a personal and professional time management and organization tool. Last week was also my first week at my new job. I’m getting used to my job, the hours, and my co-workers. So far so good. So I had a full 40-hour week last week.

Last week I also had class Tuesday and Thursday night after full days at work both days. Tuesday’s class was difficult but I made it through it. Thursday I was overly tired but I still made it through class. I also got 100% on my final quiz of the class. That was totally awesome – it was my only 100% in the class. I worked on Chapter 29 – the dreaded Security chapter throughout the week, but I managed to get it done and do the chapter review worksheet on Sunday. I even skipped Downton Abbey (I recorded it and will catch-up later, plus the DVD comes out at the end of the month). And yes, I still need to catch-up on Supergirl.

For writing – well, I posted my Agile review for the last week of 2015 – closing that project, though I’d love to get a book out of it. I also reviewed The Batman Season 4. Finally, my third bit of writing for the week was that I reviewed the Star Wars book I, Jedi on GoodReads. See the widget on the lower right of this blog for my review.

The new year has started well. I’m still adjusting to a completely new schedule, but it’s good to be working again. I hope to still write at least three posts a week on this blog, and to start doing Yoga again – I actually miss it.


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