Agile Year 2 – Weeks 2 and 3

It has been over a week – closer to two, or three depending on how you look at it, but my life has been incredibly busy lately. I started my full-time job January 4th, and while I’m very happy to be working and it helps to have money coming in – that’s also 47.5 hours a week that I’m, well, working. Plus, for those first three weeks of January, I still had my A+ training class – which meant two days a week I had a 12-hour day, and I still had to finish the text, do homework, and start studying for the A+ exam.

However, I survived! Not only that – but I passed my final, with an impressive score (not bad for not really studying), and I’ve scheduled my first test for my A+ certification (It’s a two-test cert). And best of all – no more 12-hour days. So, needless to say over the last few weeks – I completely finished reading the text book (all 32 chapters). I also did the chapter reviews for the last three chapters, even though they weren’t “required” for the class – I felt they were a good review and I wanted to be completely done.

My review/study plan includes going through the chapter vocab (it’s a surprisingly effective review, and lead to good test scores on my midterm and final); reviewing the on-line course videos; doing some transcender practice tests, and doing some chapter review tests as I review the chapters – while working full-time. However, I have the text on my tablet, and some of the transcriptions for the video series, plus if I have access to wi-fi I can watch some of the videos even on breaks at work (they are on youTube). So I hope it will be enough. I’m also concentrating on material for the 801 only, at this time – Windows is on the 802. 801 is Hardware, Networking, Printers, and Operational Procedures. Hardware and Networking requires a lot of memorization though, and the only way to do that is to review and practice test, review and practice test, over and over. Printers is my bailiwick (25 years of temping in secretarial and data entry positions – if there’s one thing I know how to do, it’s how to fix a misbehaving printer), though memorizing the exact steps of the laser printing process would be a good idea. Op procedures is the give away – and the only transcender practice test I’ve already passed.

This blog has suffered as I’ve gotten used to my new schedule – but I have several ideas for future entries. It’s all a matter of balance. In the past few weeks, however, I did review the animated movie, Justice League – Gods and Monsters, and last weekend I watched and reviewed Outlander Season 1 Volume 2 (the second half of the season). I’m enjoying Outlander – though I hope next year they just do a complete season set. I also reviewed Twitter Who volume 3 on GoodReads. Twitter Who and Outlander vol. 2 were both “gifts to myself” purchased with my Christmas gift cards.

I fully intend to keep up with this blog, writing technical tips and tricks articles, and reviewing movies and TV-on-DVD, as well as the occasional other article. I’m not as sure about keeping up with specifically using Agile as a motivator though. It helps when I get stuff done, but when I have a couple of weeks of not much progress it’s less of a motivator. I know I need to get in shape and exercise for example, but there’s less time than ever to actually do it. That said, now that my schedule is a bit more normal maybe I can try to schedule myself to do yoga two or even three times a week. I miss it very much – but my class was mid-afternoon, and now I work then.