Agile Year 2 – Week 4

It seems like just yesterday I was writing one of these Agile Posts. Oh, wait… I’m determined to try to balance my life a little more. And I do have some accomplishments from last week. So, yes, yesterday I posted my Agile updates for two weeks. I also studied for my A+ exam on two or three days. One thing I’ve run into lately with my schedule being so busy is I’m not remembering to write down my accomplishments.

I’m also working on cleaning up my home office – it had gotten to the point where my desk was buried with papers, receipts, things I needed to fill out, and other things. The side table that I use as a coffee table was also covered and I have a couple of bags of receipts papers and files to go through. The good news is last Monday I bought a new yearly organizer. Sunday I made a good start on my desk – and I got together the paper work for two projects that I simply had to do.

My bills are handled thanks to the new job. But I still need to work on fixing my credit as well as getting a new credit card. It’s a bit of a mess – my debit card number was stolen last Spring. My credit union informed me of the suspicious activity and shut off my card temporarily. That card I was able to replace, at no fee, from the credit union immediately – plus they paid back all the missing money. But since I had no idea how the number was stolen – I called the Major Bank that issued my actual credit card to report it stolen. They wanted to charge me to replace the card. I wasn’t happy with that bank anyway – so I cancelled it. This became a problem when I had to travel for business (job interviews) and for fun (Chicago TARDIS). Ever try to get hotel reservations, car rentals, or heaven forbid air plane tickets without a credit card? (Needless I haven’t flown for the past – well, it’s been more than two years anyway.) So now I get to rebuild. Still it could be worse.

Work is going well. I like my job and the people I work with.

Anyway, I’m determined to get back into good habits – exercise, read, write – and of course study for my A+ exam.


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