Agile Update – Year 2 Week 8

Last week was super busy. I had a project to do for work that I had to do outside of work hours. And I can’t be specific about it. Because: work. So Monday night I spent over three hours on it. Tuesday night I thought, “Well, at least I’ll only spent an hour or so finishing up.” Right? Nope – another three hours or close to it. Turned it in on Wednesday morning at work. I haven’t heard anything yet – but it’s now out of my hands.

Then Wednesday we got a big snow storm. A big one. It snowed all day at work, and when I left the office at 4:30 it took me over twice the normal amount of time to get home. And it was a long and scary drive too. Thursday morning I looked outside, listened to the hundreds of school closings and… Well, I would have called in completely if I could, but nope – I don’t have PTO yet, and I’m trying to make a good impression at my new job… so I called in an hour late, left the house at 8am instead of 7am (which is early for a normal day), then worked an hour late.

AND it’s not over yet. Friday was my niece and nephew’s birthday party. So I drove from work, to a Meijer near the expressway, met my parents and they drove the three of us to Grand Haven for the festivities. However, even though I was a bit apprehensive about the whole thing (I was tense and yet still exhausted because of my week.) the dinner was just awesome, and the party after was fun.  I had a good time, and spending a little time with other people was exactly what I needed.

I did get my weekly Agile post done, late, but done. And I also wrote a book review on GoodReads. Follow the link on the lower right of my blog to read in detail by review of the Star Wars tie-in novel, Star by Star, part of the New Jedi Order series.

So over all, even though it was a super busy week, and I had very little relaxation time, or time to write, not to mention time to start studying, overall it was a good week. The project was something I’d known about for awhile, but was told to “hold off” on. It finally not only materialized in concrete form, but with a quick turnaround time and deadline. So I was pressured but glad to get it done.