Book Review – Twelfth Doctor Vol. 1 – Terrorformer

  • Title: Terrorformer
  • Author: Robbie Morrison
  • Artists: Dave Taylor, Mariano Laclaustra, Hi-Fi, Luis Guerrero, Richard Starkings, Jimmy Betancourt
  • Line: 12th Doctor
  • Characters: Twelfth Doctor, Clara Oswald
  • Collection Date: 2015
  • Collected Issues: Issues # 1-5
  • Publisher: Titan Comics
  • Date Reviewed on GoodReads: 9/14/2015

The title of this graphic novel is Terrorformer and it includes the first five issues of Titan Comics 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi) series. This is my favorite I’ve read so far of the Titan Comics Doctor Who series. But the graphic novel title should be included in the book title GoodReads!

The graphic novel contains two very different stories featuring the Twelfth Doctor and Clara. In the first story, the Doctor promises to take Clara someplace she can practice her downhill snow skiing – only to land in a jungle. The ice giant planet is being terraformed into a luxury planet for the super-rich (It seems someone has read Douglas Adams.) However, something is going wrong – setting the very planet on the terraforming crew.

The story then introduces a fascinating species, something you simply couldn’t do on television, the Hyperions of Hyperios, a race of sentient suns. Once, they had helped other civilizations – bringing them into the light figuratively and literally. But when their own civilization was threatened they became the scourge of the galaxy, destroying the very civilizations they had once helped by draining their suns to prolong their own lives – leaving the civilizations in the cold and dark to die. The Time Lords stepped in and fought the Hyperions. Yet the terraforming machine sent to the planet had found one of the suns – awakening it and causing it to attack on a physical and genetic level. – Fascinating!

The second story weaves a plot that skips from India of the past to India of the future and it’s City in Space. It weaves a tale of an alien posing as Kali – and dark magic. This story wasn’t as good as the first, but it stayed out of complete cliche’ territory and presented some interesting ideas and one-off characters.

Besides two good stories, and some truly fantastic art, this graphic novel also gets the characters – both regular and guest – pretty much perfect. The second story actually had stronger characterization than the first. The Doctor is a bit gruff around the edges – but it’s in keeping with the writing and characterization in “Deep Breath” which was probably all the author and comics company had to go on.

Highly recommended!


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