Book Review – Doctor Who: Millennium Shock

  • Title: Millennium Shock
  • Series: BBC Books Past Doctor Adventures
  • Author: Justin Richards
  • Characters:  Fourth Doctor, Dr. Harry Sullivan
  • Date Reviewed on GoodReads: 11/09/2014

This is the second time I’ve read Millennium Shock. The first time I realized it was a sequel, but read it anyway because I knew the first book in the series, System Shock was part of the long out-of-print Doctor Who Missing Adventures series of books published by Virgin Publishing, and I would be unlikely to find a copy.

Now that I’ve read an e-book version of System Shock I did find that Millennium Shock made more sense. There’s a lot of detail from System Shock that’s used in this book – and not really explained.

Anyway, Millennium Shock is in the BBC Past Doctor Adventures series. It stars the Fourth Doctor (played on the television series by Tom Baker) and Dr. Harry Sullivan (played by Ian Marter on the TV series) who is now working for MI5. Sarah Jane Smith makes a brief appearance at the beginning, then we don’t see her again.

The plot involves the Millennium Bug, and a two-part plan – a corrupt British politician who wants to use the Bug to his own advantage; and aliens who are manipulating the politician for their own ends. The aliens are mechanical and computer Cyborgs – combined with the reptile snake-like appearance of their original ancestors. However, they hide their forms to look more human. And they intend, again, to take over the world using Voractyll, an alien computer that can infiltrate computer networks. The original code had been split apart, so during most of the book the aliens are attempting to re-assemble the code.

The Doctor, of course, manages to divert the aliens – mostly by appealing to the emotions they thought they no longer had, and by turning their tricks against them.

Overall, the book made more sense the second time around. However, System Shock had more humor. Still, an excellent Doctor Who novel. I recommend it.


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