Book Review – Doctor Who: Managra

  • Title: Managra
  • Series: Virgin Publishing Missing Doctor Adventures
  • Author: Stephen Marley
  • Characters:  Fourth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith
  • Date Reviewed on GoodReads: 3/25/2015

I hate to say this because I like to be positive in my reviews and I also like to encourage reading of the Doctor Who Missing Adventures but this novel was just awful. It was well over 300 pages, much longer than most Doctor Who novels – and about 150 pages longer than it should have been. In fact, some editing might have improved the novel.

This novel is part of the Doctor Who Missing Adventures series of original novels. This one features Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith (as played by Elisabeth Sladen on the TV series). Most of the Missing Adventures feature a chapter or two at the beginning that introduces the world that the Doctor and his companions are about to visit. This book takes a very long time to introduce the Doctor and his companions, spending considerable time introducing Europa. But even once the Doctor and Sarah arrive – the book still has chapters which feature other characters, and even switches between at least two character sets and the Doctor. The Doctor and Sarah are regulated to guest star appearances and really have nothing to do (but get captured, tortured, released, and re-captured – rinse and repeat) until the last third of the novel. Even then, once the book comes together, I just didn’t care for it.

This novel is filled with religious prejudice and hatred – and I felt it was highly inappropriate for a Doctor Who novel. Save your money and skip this particular novel.


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