Book Review – Doctor Fate vol. 1: The Blood Price

  • Title: Doctor Fate vol. 1: The Blood Price
  • Author: Paul Levitz
  • Artists: Sonny Liew
  • Line: New 52
  • Characters: Dr. Fate (Khalid “Kent” Nassour)
  • Collection Date: 2016
  • Collected issues: Doctor Fate #1-6
  • Publisher: DC Comics
  • Date Reviewed on GoodReads: 4/07/2016

I picked this graphic novel up at a local bookstore (paperback edition, not Kindle) on a whim. I’d always liked Doctor Fate in Justice League International/America in the 1990s, and in the animated series, Justice League Unlimited and Young Justice but I never followed the monthly series, if there was one, or read any Doctor Fate collected graphic novels. But I saw it and it looked interesting so I picked it up.

The Blood Price tells the story of the Helmet of Fate finding a new person to be Doctor Fate. There’s also a battle going on – between Anubis the Jackal-god of old Egyptian mythology and Basset the Cat god. Anubis literally wants to drown the world to destroy it. Basset wants to stop this. Nabu is an adviser to the new Doctor Fate but much more hands-off than previous versions.

Khalid Nassour (“Kent” to his friends) is about to start medical school. His father is a Muslim immigrant and his mother a Christian. Asked about his religion – Kent has no strong feelings on the matter. In times of crisis – he prays to Jesus and Allah equally. Khalid has a sort of girlfriend as well as a Muslim girl his parents keep trying to set him up with. But he wants to concentrate on his studies so he can help his family.

It’s Khalid whom Basset chooses to receive the Helmet of Fate because of his Pharaoh blood. Khalid’s overwhelmed, confused, and would really like an instruction book so he can use his new powers to stop Anubis from destroying the world.

I enjoyed Doctor Fate vol. 1 The Blood Price very much. Again, this was a paperback graphic novel – no idea why GoodReads only lists the Kindle edition. The art is beautiful. Khalid has a strong voice as a new superhero. Khalid’s parents, girlfriend, and the girl who wants to be his girlfriend are all well-written, strong, unique, and diverse characters. The book was awesome and I recommend it.


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