Non-Fiction Book Review – Doctor Who: The Episode Guide

  • Title: Doctor Who: The Episode Guide
  • Author: Mark Campbell
  • Date Reviewed on GoodReads: 12/15/2012

When I found this book, I was so excited. Finally, an updated Doctor Who episode guide and in hardcover! But the book is awful! It fails to point out on the back or in the book’s description that this is an opinionated guide to Doctor Who and the opinion of the author is he doesn’t like it very much!

Not only does Campbell not like Doctor Who, he really doesn’t get it. I’m not going to insist the show is perfect… far from it, it’s had it’s issues, and there are stories and episodes that are just plain bad. But Campbell seems to relish ripping up many of the series best episodes, while extolling many of the worst ones, such as “The Gunfighters” as the best TV has to offer? “The Gunfighters”, Really? May you be cursed with “The Ballad of Jonny Ringo” in your head for years. Campbell also praises “Love and Monsters” one of the few David Tennant episodes that I really hate, and having seen it twice, have no desire to ever watch again.

However, this book even fails as an episode guide. The summaries are too short, frequently only a single sentence. The cast lists for each story are incomplete. And, again, I could have done without the commentary. Completely.

Save your money and skip this book. Try to find Jean-Marc Lofficier’s Doctor Who The Programme Guide instead, it’s out of date, but at least it’s accurate and has the minimum of annoying, opinionated, ridiculous commentary.

Read this instead: Doctor Who the Programme Guide by Jean-Marc Lofficier.