Book Review – A Long Day in Lychford

  • Title: A Long Day in Lychford
  • Author: Paul Cornell
  • Date Reviewed on GoodReads: 07/22/2018

**Spoiler Alert** The third volume in Paul Cornell’s Lychford series starts out as a discussion of Brexit, and ends with our three female heroes renewing their friendship and purpose by going through adversity. So Brexit happens, and Autumn feels very alone and threatened. It turns out Autumn is a Person of Color, and as such, Brexit is a direct threat to her and her shop. Autumn is now subjected to open racism and is verbally assaulted one night at the pub. When she leaves to avoid more trouble, Rory Holt follows her and continues to yell obscenities at her because of the color of her skin. Autumn unconsciously uses her powers to push him back and stumbles home, only to be woken by PC Shaun who is asking her some very pointed questions, since Rory’s gone missing.

But that’s not the only bothersome occurrence in Autumn’s life – she and Judith are feuding, especially since the Vote. And Lizzie very busy with church business and not able to bring balance between Judith and Autumn.
But Rory isn’t the only one to go missing – a Polish truck driver has also disappeared. And mysterious rave music from the woods underlies everything.

But Autumn, Lizzie, and Judith manage to unite anyway, they look into Lychford’s borders – which are knotted up, and they walk the borders. The three are quickly separated, and each much in her own way, do what they can to solve the supernatural mystery and bring back the Status Quo.

Lizzie finds the Rave, trapped in a moment in time – she’s able to get the young people free. Autumn finds the Polish truck driver, trapped in his flipped over vehicle. She gets him out of the truck, and they manage to find Judith and Rory, and with Lizzie’s help – they all get free and do what they can to fix the borders so supernatural entities cannot enter the world.

I liked this story – the three women are all strong in their own ways, and they are stronger together than apart. A Long Day in Lychford, in particular, speaks to how the three must unite in order to protect their town as well as the other realms. The novelette also seems to suggest there will be a sequel, but I don’t think there is one. Recommended.

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