Jane the Virgin Season 3 Review

  • Series Title: Jane the Virgin
  • Season: Season 3
  • Episodes: 20
  • Discs: 5 (Blu-Ray)
  • Network: CW
  • Cast: Gina Rodriguez, Andrea Navedo, Ivonne Coll, Justin Baldoni, Brett Dier, Jaime Camil, Yael Grobglas, Anthony Mendez
  • Format: Color, Widescreen, NTSC, R1

Season 3 of Jane the Virgin opens immediately after the cliffhangers from last season. Jane discovers Michael in the hallway of the Mirabella hotel after he’s shot. He’s taken to the hospital. There’s some drama between Jane and Michael’s disapproving mother, but it’s Jane who makes the decision to go through with a dangerous surgery instead of waiting. Michael survives the surgery and recovers slowly. He spends time in the hospital, then at home. After several weeks when he goes in for his physical prior to rejoining the police force, he finds out he’s failed his physical. Michael has some unusual ideas for a new career, before deciding to become a lawyer. He has Jane help him study for the LSAT, but on the day of the test, as he goes to turn it in – he drops dead of a heart attack. Literally. Jane is now a widow.

Three years later, Jane’s son Mateo is in preschool. She’s still working in publishing, but her “dream job” has become a nightmare, as her boss is a real “Devil Wears Prada” stereotype. However, she finally manages to get a book deal for her novel, “Snow Falling”, the story of her and Michael. Yet because of the way the contract pays – she will need a job for day to day expenses. She tries to get her old job back, but her boss is making her miserable. Rafael meanwhile offers her a management job at the Mirabella. Jane doesn’t want to take it, but she does eventually. Slowly throughout the season, with two steps forward and one step back, Jane becomes a successful published author.

Meanwhile, before Michael passes away, Petra, as you’ll remember was locked in a coma by her twin sister, Anezka. Anezka falls for Scott, the slimy hotel manager. Due to Anezka knowing absolutely nothing about things Petra should know – Jane figures out the switch. Rafael at first agrees with her, but then Anezka-Petra gets him to realize it’s “paranoid”. However, they eventually figure it out. Petra wakes up – and Anezka is urged to leave.

Three years later, the body of Scott is found buried on the property line between the Mirabella (now a family/kids hotel) and the hotel next door (a skeezy adults-only hotel). Much of the season involves figuring out this murder (which for part of the time the police think is an accidental death).

Luisa, Rafael’s sister, leaves with Sin Rostro because they are involved. Luisa is afraid of the crime boss, but they also have a strong physical attraction. When it looks like Sin Rostro killed Scott, Rafael, now working with the police, contacts his sister and tells her his cancer is back to get her to return to Miami. Sin Rostro (now disguised as “Eileen”) and Luisa return. Sin Rostro though did not kill Scott, she says – it was the real Eileen.

Last season Xiomara discovered she was pregnant – she realizes it’s from the one-night stand with Rogelio’s rival and has an abortion. There’s some drama between her and her mother, but eventually, Alba accepts Xiomara’s decision.

Rogelio and Xiomara have broken up because he wants kids and she doesn’t. Rogelio goes to an exclusive dating service to find someone new. Xiomara goes back to her old boyfriend, Bruce, whom she’s always getting together with – and who is always dumping her. Rogelio doesn’t do well on the dating scene. However, when he talks to Darci, the woman in charge of the dating service, we discover he doesn’t really want to date – he just wants a child to raise. Darci also, as a professional woman, wants a child – but no strings. This seems like a perfect match, and the two even see a lawyer to draw up a co-parenting agreement and plan on using artificial insemination. However, the two soon end-up working on a reality series together, which results in tension between Rogelio and Xiomara (who’s portrayed as the evil ex in the show). But the TV show also results in tension between Rogelio and Darci – and after three years with no child, they completely break up and decide not to have a child together.

Meanwhile, Xiomara and Bruce break up again. Having been a grandparent for three years, Rogelio realizes he’s OK with not having his own child. When he tells Xiomara, she proposes. The last few episodes of the season are a run-up to the two getting married (and the audience expects something to happen or go wrong). Even though Darci returns – pregnant, and there’s a hurricane on their wedding day, and the wedding had been put off and quickly put back on without the extremely expensive fairy tale elements – Xiomara and Rogelio are successfully and legally married at the Maribella.

However, Luisa and Anezka end-up sharing a cab during the hurricane. We don’t see their conversation – but it’s clear Luisa is angry at her brother, Rafael, and Petra for getting her lover, Sin Rosa captured and jailed. Anezka is angry for being jailed herself, and the death of her lover Scott – and blames Petra. The cliffhanger at the end of the season is Anezka using Rafael’s phone to lure Petra out of the hotel – where she’s held at gunpoint.

I enjoy Jane the Virgin very much. I binge-watched the show in less than a week because with every episode ending in a cliffhanger, it’s incredibly easy to just go to the next episode immediately. But binge-watching does mean the episodes flow together, and I’ve probably forgotten a few details. This show is a soap opera, and by the end of the season, even the narrator is describing it as a telenovela (Spanish soap opera). There’s a scene of Rogelio trying to take his ideas for an American version of Spanish soap operas to the CW network, which is very nod-nod, wink-wink, but it doesn’t go beyond the one episode. Still, the characters are all likable and one is drawn into their stories quickly and wants to know immediately what happens next. The show also has an exaggerated look to it at times (for example a character falling in love is illustrated with their heart literally glowing) but this adds to the show – it doesn’t distract. It is a soap opera, and it has all the exaggerated storytelling features of a soap opera. I am still really enjoying Jane the Virgin and I hope the next season is released on DVD or Blu-Ray soon.

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