Ticket to Ride: Europe is on today’s Tabletop


Today, we release one of my favourite episodes of the season, Ticket To Ride: Europe, with John Kovalic, Emma Caulfield, and my lovely wife, Anne Wheaton.

John does the incredibly wonderful comic Dork Tower, and this week he’s been doing a Tabletop…

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How Tabletop Games Improved a Family – from Wil Wheaton

I started watching Tabletop a bit before Christmas, and it made me want to play boardgames.

When I went back to my parents’ house for the break, I suggested that we could buy a couple games and play together. Now, you have to know that my relationship with my parents has never really been great. It’s only recently that it got better, and I believe that playing some boardgames with them helped reinforce that. For once, we didn’t spend every evening with me on the computer and them watching tv. For once, every once in a while, we spent an evening together, having fun. We spent New Year’s Eve together playing games when I usually would try and go anywhere to escape the family reunion.

If someone’d told me that a year ago, I would not have believed them. So yeah, thanks, Wil.

Comment on my blog about Tabletop. (via wilwheaton)

This is so cool!  Yet again it shows that fandom and “geekiness” can be a really cool thing.