How to Customize Links Inside a WordPress Post

Have you ever wanted to add links to your blog posts? The easiest way to insert a link is to copy and paste the link into your post, then highlight it and click the link button.


However, especially for long links, this simple method can result in messy-looking text.

At first, I was confused about how to update the link title while keeping the link working, especially if it was a hyperlink to a page outside WordPress. Live Journal had a Link Editing pop-up menu, but the similar-looking one for WordPress didn’t seem to work. It turns out I was doing things in the wrong order. For Live Journal I’d write my intro text, click the link button, type the words I wanted to appear as the title in the title line, and copy-and-paste the link into the hyperlink box. This never worked for WordPress.

I recently found out how to do this for WordPress. In WordPress, you actually type the short title into your post, highlight that, then click the Link button. Once the hyper-link pop-up opens, copy and paste the link into the URL box but leave the Title box blank, then click Add Link.


When you go back to the post you are composing, the words you’ve highlighted will be red, indicating it’s a link.

Another cool thing about WordPress is you can make internal links to other posts on your blog. Simply type the text you want in your post, highlight it, click the link button, then search for the post you want to link using the Search box. When you find the post, highlight it and click Add Link.

These two techniques allow you to add cool, “For more information see this post,” items to your posts. It also brings more interactivity to your blog and allows another way, besides categories and tags, to link posts. For readers of your blog, it means they can jump directly to additional content.