Doctor Who Non-Fiction Booklist

I’ve collected books about Doctor Who since the 1980s. Every year at Chicago TARDIS I buy new books about the series. And a quick glance through Amazon US or UK shows dozens of titles. This list is but a sampling of books that are available and that I happen to own. Most of these I’ve read, some I haven’t, and some are reference books – great for looking up information, but not something anyone would read cover to cover. Usually. 🙂

There are two books every Doctor Who fan should have on their shelves: Doctor Who – The Programme Guide by Jean-Marc Lofficier (I have both the second and fourth editions.) and The Classic Who DVD Compendium by Paul Smith. If you can find them, the Peter Haining coffee table books (Doctor Who – A Celebration, etc.) are beautiful coffee-table books, with great color photography. In terms of more recent books, the “Chicks Love…” series is awesome – and the essays are not only a positive affirmation of the fannish lifestyle (especially for female fans) but many of the essays are thought-provoking. And I loved Twitter Who and look forward to additional volumes.

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This is a master post and will be updated – because one can never have too many books about Doctor Who.

Doctor Who Master Post Bibliography

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