Guest Segment – Secret Friends Unite Podcast

February 17th, 2015, I was offered the chance to be a guest on a fan podcast called, Secret Friends Unite!  I’d never been on a podcast before so I was honored, excited, and very nervous! The organizer of the podcast and I worked through the technical aspects. I now own a computer headset/microphone combination, which wasn’t that expensive for a really nice model. The next challenge turned out to be my lousy Internet connection (seriously, Satellite Internet? Second worst thing next to dial-up.) but I recorded my segment using Audacity, a free audio recording and mixing program, which also turned out to be easy. So I learned a lot, and I mean I lot, and I did two things I’d never done before – recorded audio with Audacity, and submitted a segment to a podcast. It was a nice stretch for me and it was great! I hope to record another segment soon!

The download link for Secret Friends Unite episode 24 is here.

Here is the Facebook Page for Secret Friends Unite. The Twitter handle for Secret Friends Unite is @SecretFriendsU.

My segment is the Geek 101 on Doctor Who. Check it out and enjoy!