Book Review – Doctor Who: Find and Replace

  • Title: Find and Replace
  • Series: Doctor Who Companion Chronicles
  • Discs: 1 CD
  • Author: Paul Magrs
  • Director: Lisa Bowerman
  • Characters: Jo Grant, Iris Wildthyme, Huxley, Third Doctor
  • Cast: Katy Manning, Alex Lowe
  • Date Reviewed on GoodReads: 12/24/2013

Find and Replace is somewhat between an audiobook and a full audio play. Katy Manning doesn’t merely read the story, she acts out the part of Jo Grant and the part of Iris Wildthyme. Alex Lowe acts out the part of Huxley. However, unlike Big Finish’s audio plays where the play is a full audio play, with sound effects, music, and a full cast – in this Katy reads the descriptive text then acts out her own dialogue, while Alex acts out the part of Huxley. So, for example, Katy might read a passage describing how Iris looks, but then perform (as Iris) her lines. It’s an effective technique and I wasn’t bored.

I listened to this on Christmas Eve, as I wrapped presents and did a little bit of last minute picking-up and cleaning. I was unaware when I started it that the story takes place on Christmas Eve. However, that made the story even more appropriate. And I enjoyed it immensely.

I can highly recommend this, especially if you are a Doctor Who fan who enjoyed the Jo Grant and Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee) Era. It is an enjoyable trip down memory lane, again, appropriate for Christmas.

The Audio CD includes a bonus interview with Katy Manning.

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Note: No promotional consideration was paid for this review. I review because I enjoy it!