Book Review – Doctor Who: Helicon Prime

  • Title: Helicon Prime
  • Series: Doctor Who Companion Chronicles
  • Discs: 1 CD
  • Author: Jake Elliot
  • Director: Nigel Fairs
  • Characters: Jaime, Second Doctor, Mindy Voir
  • Cast: Frazier Hines, Suzanne Proctor
  • Date Reviewed on GoodReads: 01/04/2014

Helicon Prime is the second of Big Finish’s Companion Chronicles I’ve listened to. The format is somewhat between a true audiobook and one of Big Finish’s audio plays. Frazier Hines reads the story and plays the parts of Jaime, and, surprisingly well, the Second Doctor (I didn’t realise it was Frazier at all at first). Suzanne Proctor plays the part of Mindy Voir, and then Frazier reads the descriptions. It helps that in this story, Jaime is actually telling his story to someone else. Also, the story is split into two parts – with a cliffhanger and theme music at the break.

The story is about Jaime, who suddenly remembers an adventure he had with the Doctor on Helicon Prime, a resort in the Golden Section of the galaxy, where there is no violence due to the pacifying effect of the Golden Section. However, suddenly people are getting murdered. It turns out the deaths are because a small group of people is looking for a long-lost treasure.

I enjoyed the story – I listened to Part I in December and Part II today. It’s a good tale, though at times it was a bit confusing. I was a bit nervous about this format – often I find it difficult to concentrate when listening to audiobooks – it starts to fade into background noise and I fail to pay attention. But this format, with two actors performing their characters, then one reading the rest of the story, works surprisingly well. I have two more of these Companion Chronicles that I’ve purchased, and if they are as good, I’ll have to look into purchasing more of them from Big Finish. Also, these stories are like having the Missing Adventures or Past Doctor Adventures book series back again, but in a much faster format (it’s a single CD, so less than an hour to listen to the entire thing). There are two trailers, an interview with Fraser Hines, and a very strange music-only track included on the CD as bonus tracks.

I highly recommend Helicon Prime. The format also worked really well. And I enjoyed listening to a new and original Patrick Troughton (Second Doctor) story.

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Note: No promotional consideration was paid for this review. I review because I enjoy it!