Book Review – Doctor Who: Her Final Flight

  • Title: Her Final Flight
  • Series: Doctor Who Main Range Specials
  • Discs: 1 CD
  • Author: Julian Shortman
  • Director: Gary Russell
  • Characters: Sixth Doctor, Peri
  • Cast: Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Steven Bugdale, Jonathan Owen, Heather Tracy, Conrad Westmaas
  • Date Reviewed on GoodReads: 11/11/2016

I was completely and totally confused by this audio play. It begins with two villains discussing doing horrible things to The Doctor (The Sixth Doctor, played by Colin Baker), then the TARDIS is crash-landing on a primitive planet, where the Doctor runs into Peri. There, the story alternates between Peri and the Doctor trying to deal with a sudden disease – not to mention the locals worshiping the TARDIS as a healing goddess. But in between all this, the Doctor keeps having blackouts where he seems to remember being tortured by said villains from the first scene.

The entire thing is one, big, “WTF is going on?” It’s OK if a story starts that way, but this story continues to be extremely confusing. The Doctor eventually realizes he’s in some sort of mind trap, and turns the tables and traps the villain – but we never learn who she is or why she was after the Doctor in the first place. Nor do we learn the identity of her benefactor/employer.

I had thought most of the way through this story that the mysterious villain would turn out to be the Rani. Much of what’s going on seems her style. But at the end that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Honestly – if I hadn’t had the CD in my hands, I would have thought I’d missed half the tracks in a download. This is one confusing story.

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Note: No promotional consideration was paid for this review. I review because I enjoy it!