Castle Season 7 Review

  • Series Title: Castle
  • Season: 7
  • Episodes:  23
  • Discs:  5
  • Network:  ABC (US)
  • Cast:  Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Seamus Dever, Jon Huertas, Molly C. Quinn, Susan Sullivan
  • DVD: Widescreen DVD

Season 7 of Castle picks up from where Season 6 left off, with Kate in her wedding dress looking in horror at Castle’s crashed car in flames. Yet another of Kate’s wedding dresses is ruined by water, mud, and smoke, but she, Ryan and Esposito realize that Castle escaped the car and was kidnapped. The 12th precinct crew enlists the help of the FBI and other agencies to find Richard Castle, but all they find is evidence that he intentionally walked away from his life. Kate, Alexis, and Martha Rodgers (his mother) refuse to believe it, even as the other agencies drop the case. After two months, Rick is found in a small fishing boat (what everyone on the show insists on calling a “dingy”) suffering from exposure and with no memory of the last two months. The investigation into what happened to Castle doesn’t turn up any leads, and in the end, Kate is happy to have him back.

Castle travels to Montreal on a lead to find out what happened to him during his disappearance. He discovers videos from himself to Kate, Alexis, and his mother, and a man who tells him that he was made to forget because he said he didn’t want to remember. The man gives Rick a message, and Rick drops it. The season also drops the mystery.

Kate and Rick are married in a small, sunset ceremony with family only (just Alexis, Martha, and Kate’s father). Kate wears a flowing white pantsuit rather than a dress (after having two dresses destroyed, she probably thought they were bad luck for her). After the wedding, they gather together with friends from the 12th and let them know they are now married. When a recent murder leads to a poisoning at a dude ranch in Arizona, Rick and Kate combine business with pleasure, investigating the murder and staying on for a honeymoon. During the rest of the season, Castle introduces Kate as “his wife”, and Kate slowly becomes used to the idea that she is really married to him. The rest of the season also is more “typical Castle“.

After resolving the cliff-hanger from the previous season, getting Kate and Rick married, sending them on a honeymoon, and having them return to New York, the season settles into typical Castle-style mysteries. The stories, though for the most part set in New York City, cover a variety of settings, people, and places. At one point, Castle gets in trouble with 1PP due to a story involving mobsters (it’s basically West Side Story without singing) when the guilty party is murdered in police custody, Castle is partially blamed due to his friendship with one of the mobsters (a friendship that led to the case being solved). For the next few episodes, Castle works as a PI while Kate continues her job as an NYC police detective. However, when Dr. Kelly Nieman and the Triple X killer show up again, in the mid-season two-parter, solving the case ultimately means Castle is welcomed back as a consultant.

The back half of season is even better, as the series returns to its roots, of Kate and Rick solving crimes together, and enjoying it. The rest of the characters: Kevin Ryan, Javier Esposito, Capt. Gates, Dr. Lanie Parish, Alexis, and Martha, all get a bit more to do in the second half of the season. All the actors also seem more comfortable. Again, the stories are set in different locales, which keeps the season from getting too repetitive.

Overall, though season 7 of Castle is definitely showing its age as a long-running TV series, it’s still fun, and I enjoyed it. I really liked seeing Kate Beckett and Richard Castle finally married. In their first case together after the ceremony, as he approaches the body, says, “It’s like we’re Nick and Nora Charles,” which of course he would – referring to Dashiell Hammett’s married detectives. Kate responds with, “Hart to Hart” and then “Turner and Hooch” referring to an earlier joke in a previous season where she had brought up that movie and said Castle reminds her of Hooch (the dog). And this season of the show has that lightness of touch that made the Nick and Nora Charles films (aka “The Thin Man” series) films fun. Season 7 is enjoyable and fun. Recommended.

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