Danger Mouse – Mission: Improbable Review

  • Series Title: Danger Mouse
  • Season: Mission: Improbable
  • Episodes: 7
  • Discs: 1
  • Network: CBBC
  • Cast: Alexander Armstrong, Kevin Eldon, Dave Lamb, Stephen Fry, Shauna MacDonald
  • Format: Color, Animation, Widescreen, PAL, R2

Danger Mouse was a much-loved British cartoon from the 1980s. Featuring a white mouse (Danger Mouse) with a black eye patch, his hamster assistant Penfold, and his boss, Colonel K, the series was fun, clever, and full of puns, cultural references, and silliness. This new series keeps the same characters, including the villainous Baron Silas Greenback and his assistants Nero and Stiletto. The new series also introduces Professor Squawkencluck, a female scientist who develops Danger Mouse’s incredible gadgets and acts as the scientific brain for the group’s missions. She’s basically DM’s Q – and she’s a chicken. No, she isn’t afraid of everything – she’s literally an animated chicken with a Scottish accent. Meanwhile, Colonel K also has a hologram copy of himself.

The new Danger Mouse has some very funny moments in these first seven episodes. However, poor DM is not a very clever mouse – and he’s pretty incompetent with technology – which irritates Squawkencluck, Penfold is the same old Penfold, sensibly scared by the situations he and DM find themselves in. However, Penfold gets to shine in two episodes, and his friendship with Danger Mouse is particularly strong in this updated version.

As one would expect in an updated modern version of a classic from the 1980s, the animation is better and more modern. DM’s science and tech is also more advanced. Yet, the show keeps the characters, including the villains from the original show. The episodes without Greenback are better (and that is the majority of the episodes on this collection). I also really liked Pandamonium – a giant panda who’s basically a big dummy, but lovable. He’s used by Baron Greenback in the first episode, then appears again on his own.

The episodes on the Mission: Improbable are:

  • Danger Mouse Begins Again
  • Planet of the Toilets
  • Danger at C-Level
  • The Other Day the Earth Stood Still
  • Welcome to Danger World!
  • Big Head Awakens
  • Greenfinger

Overall, though some of the episodes were very funny, I missed the puns and cultural references of the original series. This show was fun, but more aimed at children than the all-ages original series. It’s not awful, but it’s not as cleverly-written as it could be. A solid 3 out of 5 stars.