Psych Season 7 Review

  • Series Title: Psych
  • Season: Season 7
  • Episodes: 14 Episodes
  • Discs: 3
  • Network: USA (Universal)
  • Cast: James Roday, Dulé Hill, Timothy Omundson, Maggie Lawson, Kirsten Nelson, Corbin Bernsen
  • Format: Color, Widescreen, NTSC, R1

Season 6 of Psych was the season of big name guest stars. Season 7 sees a return to an emphasis on the Psych characters and their relationships. If anything, the theme of this season is relationships – romantic ones. Lassiter’s incarcerated girlfriend, Marlowe, is released on parole, and due to plot reasons, Lassiter proposes to her immediately. The two successfully marry, but we never see Marlowe again, which is a shame, as she’s particularly fun. Carlton, meanwhile, seems happier, now that he is married again.

Gus meets a woman on a case and the two start dating. Even meeting Rachel’s 8-10 year-old son from her previous marriage doesn’t throw much of a wrench in the works. However, Rachel’s visa status does, and at the end of the season, she returns to the UK for six months. I liked Rachel, and it was good to see Gus with a steady girlfriend.

But it’s the Shawn and Juliet relationship that takes a forefront of this season. The two are boyfriend and girlfriend at the beginning of the season, and even move in together. But at Carlton’s wedding, Juliet figures out that Shawn isn’t really psychic – and with her con man father and trust issues, she can’t handle it and breaks up with him. Shawn, though, is undaunted. He continuously tries to win her back, but in a much more serious way than the character would have earlier in the series. Shawn tells Juliet he never once lied about his feelings towards her, that falling in love wasn’t part of the plan, he even tells her that he had to come up with something or he would have been in big trouble – and if you think about the pilot, Shawn’s whole “psychic detective” thing started because he solved a case from what he saw on the news – and he would have been arrested as the murderer for knowing too much. Juliet stands her ground, and tells Shawn he must come clean to Chief Vick. And Shawn does. He marches into the chief’s office in the same episode to tell her everything. Juliet realizes this and rushes in to stop him, even falling on the sword for him, saying that she entered a suspect’s house without a warrant and searched the suspect’s computer (in reality it was Shawn who had done that). Vick gives her a stern talking to. Shawn, impressed, talks to Juliet and again professes his feelings, even talking about engagement in a detached fashion. Juliet says she’s not ready for that step, but the two get back together and start dating again.

In the final episode, city hall sends an efficiency expert to the precinct to investigate our main characters. The efficiency expert, played brilliantly by Anthony Michael Hall, is a right ***terd. He’s sexist, racist, borish, arrogant, rude, and stupid. However, he also doesn’t buy Shawn’s “psychic” abilities. In the end, though Lassiter and Juliet are briefly suspended and Buzz is fired – it’s Chief Vick who takes this sword, being suspended for six months, with Hall’s character taking her position.

I suspect Hall’s character won’t be on the show for more than an episode or two next season. But it’s interesting watching him for a couple of reasons. First, Anthony Michael Hall was in one of USA Network’s first original series: The Dead Zone, where he plays a psychic. Second, his character is absolutely horrible – he’s a terrible person. For an actor known for his “Brat Pack” teen movies, and sympathetic characters – seeing him as a polar opposite shows just how good an actor Hall actually is.

Overall, the season is good. It’s Psych: light, fun, adventurous, enjoyable. Even when Juliet and Shawn broke up, the audience suspects they will get back to together – because shows like this tend to end up happily. Season 7 was originally going to be the last season of Psych, but when USA Network’s replacement for it flopped (Common Law – a parody of 70s cop shows) the series was granted one more season. Also, this year (2017) the show is doing a reunion movie to air in December.