The Rockford Files – Season 2 Review

  • Title:  The Rockford Files
  • Season: 2
  • Episodes: 22
  • Discs: 4
  • Original Network:  NBC
  • Distribution Network:  Universal
  • Cast:  James Garner, Noah Beery Jr, Joe Santos, Gretchen Corbett, Stuart Margolin
  • Format: Standard, Color, DVD, NTSC

The Rockford Files isn’t nearly as formula as Batman (1966) was, but it’s still a very episodic show. Every episode, other than the occasional two-parter stands completely on it’s own and you could watch this show in any order, though I watched it in the order presented on the DVDs. There isn’t a set formula to the episodes, but they do have a sameness to them. Rockford is actually a very unlucky PI – his clients lie to him, or misrepresent information, or straight-out use him for often nefarious means. It’s a 70s show so there’s usually at least one car chase and fist fight per episode, and the occasional gun fight as well. James Rockford comes off as a guy who’s just trying to get by, and Garner plays him in a very likable manner. Truly, anyone else playing this part and it would never have worked.

Season 2 promotes Beth Davenport (Gretchen Corbett), Rockford’s lawyer and lady friend to a regular – present in most episodes, and Rockford’s client in two – one where a friend of hers is murdered and she asks Rockford to look into it for her, and a second one where she’s set-up by one of her law clients and nearly dies. Angel (Stuart Margolin), Rockford’s ex-con friend who’s still involved in a number of cons on the side to his newspaper job, also makes a number of appearances. Det. Dennis Becker is pretty much a regular. Rockford’s father, Rocky, is also a regular though not in every episode. The two-parter for the second season focuses on Rocky.

There are a number of prominent guest-stars in this season, sometimes in small roles where the actor is obviously just starting out. It’s often a pleasant surprise to see recognizable people, often “before they were stars”.

Overall, The Rockford Files is fun. There is a lot of action, but there are also some nice complicated plots. In fact, for the most part, many of the episodes have plots full of twists and turns as Rockford tries to figure out just what is going on and keep himself and his friends alive and out of jail. It’s an enjoyable show.

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