Surprisingly Easy Ways Companies Could Use Less Energy


How can buildings work towards reducing energy use


Using Roads to Generate Heat and Electricity


Harnessing Heat from City Roads | ThisBigCity

The black asphalt roads of urban centres are notorious for soaking up the sun, often helping make cities uncomfortably hot during the summer. Special piping technology from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts, however, is offering a way to trap this heat and use it elsewhere, potentially transforming urban streets into giant solar collectors.

The idea is simple: the sun-warmed asphalt can be used to heat up water, which is pumped through tubes embedded a few centimetres below the road surface. This has the dual effect of cooling the asphalt, prolonging the lifespan of the road, and heating water which can be used either as is, or to produce electricity.

Wow – using hot roads to generate steam for electricity and heating.  This is brilliant!

Recycled Paper Building Materials


Leave it to German engineering…

Check out the GreenFiber company that makes home insulation out of recycled paper that virtually cannot catch on fire! It blew our minds!


It’s not too uncommon to see paper recycled into things like jewelry, wallpaper or even furniture. But it’s a bit surprising to see a seemingly flimsy material being used exclusively in a building that actually withstood hard rain and high winds, like this 2,045 square foot temporary workspace in Essen, Germany that’s made with 550 bales of recycled paper. (via Experimental Recycled Paper Bale Structure Serves Up Some Surprises)

Hum, I’d like to test it where I live — where it rains all the time, except in the Winter when it snows.