New Year’s Affirmations

Notice I titled this post “affirmations” not “resolutions” – this is because resolutions, at least New Year’s ones, are often meant to be broken. My plan is to continue my Agile project into it’s second year to help accomplish these weekly goals.

As part of my second year using Agile for personal and professional development I plan on the following:

  • Writing:  Post to my WordPress Blog at least three times a week.
  • Writing: Continue to post reviews of the books, graphic novels, and textbooks (including books for personal or professional development) I read on GoodReads.
  • Writing: Finish my “movie review” project, and start a new one.
  • Exercise: Exercise at least one to three times per week – yoga, pilates, or even walking at or after work
  • Professional Development: Finish my A+ Class, pass A+ certification exam
  • Professional Development: Take and pass Adobe Professional Development Classes at Kendall School of Art and Design
  • Professional Development: Re-enroll in STC, read magazine and journal, get involved in local group
  • Personal Development: Travel
  • Personal Development: Consciously work on interpersonal development, especially at work

I’m also hoping to turn my experience with Agile from last year into a book. The first self-publisher I contacted was very expensive, the second sounded somewhat scammish, but I’m hoping to find something legitimate, and affordable. Maybe even a small publisher so I don’t have to pay up front.

The hardest month for all this will probably be this month, January. I will be working full time, finishing up my A+ class, and studying for my A+ exams. I know I can do it but it also still seems very overwhelming. I also just added the personal development categories, because, well, it seems like more traditional “New Year’s Resolutions”, like my determination to exercise more and thus get in better shape.