Inside Breaking News: A look at how we confirm stories in real time

NOTE:  The specifics in this story are from several months ago.  I found this story and posted the link to tumblr in April 2013 and parts it were out-dated then.  However, I’m fascinated with Citizen Journalism, though news organizations, such as Breaking News and others, need to take care and confirm information from Social Media before re-publishing it, especially when it’s re-published under their banner.


In the early stages of breaking news, there’s often a tremendous amount of conflicting information. Take this afternoon’s shooting at a psychiatric clinic in Pittsburgh as a prime example. For well over an hour, victim counts varied, and rumors of a second gunman and hostages dominated Twitter…

Fighting the “telephone” effect of Social Media and news.  (Note the specifics are from several months ago).

Inside Breaking News: A look at how we confirm stories in real time

Amazon Acquires Good Reads


Amazon to acquire Goodreads, a social network for book recommendations

Well! Amazon will acquire book recommendation site and readers’ social network Goodreads, according to an Amazon press release issued Thursday.

First I heard of this was on Twitter.  Actually, it sounds like a match made in heaven, so to speak.  Maybe they could integrate the sites so you can import a list of books you’ve purchased from Amazon to Good Reads or export you’re Good Reads reviews to Amazon?  Course they *should* ask user permission to do so.

UPDATE (8/24/2014):  They’ve followed my suggestion.  You can now import books you’ve purchased from Amazon into your Good Reads account.  Now if someone would just start a “Good Films / Good TV-on_DVD” site that exactly mirrors what you can do on Good Reads (listing rather than books DVDs you own, having the ability to post reviews, viewing clubs, discussion groups, etc.)

HBO Inks Exclusive, 10-Year Deal With Universal To Keep Content Out Of Netflix’s Hands


Good or bad idea?

BAD IDEA!!!!  Universal is already one of the worst providers of DVD content.  This demonstrates a determination to stick with an out-dated business model.  Entertainment companies can no longer horde their content and expect to somehow create a “lost treasure” pile that gains interest (as in savings account interest).  When consumers literally have thousands of options all vying for their their most precious commodity – their time, by not publishing content, all Universal and HBO are doing is creating a situation where no one will be interested in their content.  I can’t think of a quicker way to go bankrupt.

If HBO thinks that by doing this they can get more consumers to subscribe to their “exclusive” content — they are living in the 1980s.  Or maybe even the 1960s.  That might have worked when the US only had three television networks, but in a world where cable/satellite television alone provides hundreds of channels full of original programming this is truly an out-of-date pipe-dream.  Add in the Internet, DVD and Blu-Ray, games of all types, comics, movies, live events such as sports, and even good old-fashioned books, and the consumer doesn’t so much have to search for entertainment as he or she must find a way of whittling it down to the content most interesting and appropriate to their own interests and life.

HBO Inks Exclusive, 10-Year Deal With Universal To Keep Content Out Of Netflix’s Hands