Christopher Nolan Batman Trilogy Music Vid – Rise

I like this Christopher Nolan Batman film trilogy music vid.  The original music is very fitting, and it’s edited well.

Modern Women’s Suffrage Video

Bad Romance – Women’s Suffrage


As always, didn’t make it, just found it – but this is an awesome original video about women’s suffrage.

I really like this, it visually teaches about what suffragettes went through – forced feedings, being treated as “mad”, as well as expressing the passage of time.  The only thing this lacks is some solid historical info, like names, dates, etc.

Dream and Shout – Les Miserables Music Vid

So a 1000-page French novel becomes a 3-hr Broadway Musical Play and a 3-hour Musical Film (and let’s not forget the dramatic film starring Liam Neeson as Jean Valjean), how do you sum up the story further?  Watch and learn folks, watch and learn.


Excellent original Les Mis music video.

Disclaimer:  As always – I didn’t make it, just found it.