The Complete Sherlock Holmes (Granada)

  • Title: The Complete Granada Television Series
  • Number of Discs: 12
  • Number of Episodes per Disc: 2-4
  • Original Network: ITV
  • Production Company: Granada
  • Cast: Jeremy Brett, David Burke (first season), Edward Hardwicke (subsequent seasons)

This is my original review for The Complete Granada Television Series of Sherlock Holmes, starring Jeremy Brett as Holmes and, David Burke and Edward Hardwicke as Watson. I’ve edited it a bit to clean it up and fix some typos, but it’s pretty much the same as my Live Journal entry from 12 November 2008.

First, this is the BEST traditional version of Sherlock Holmes ever. Jeremy Brett is THE perfect Holmes and I just love him. Both David Burke and Edward Hardwicke play Doctor Watson as an intelligent man with a deep, caring, (non-romantic) love for his best friend, Holmes. Brett plays Holmes as a brilliant man, with little to no social graces (He even attacks Watson when he must) – true to the books. Holmes is the original geek.

One of the interesting things about the Granada series is that they did adaptations of the original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stories, rather than thrusting Holmes into the modern day or at least “modern” stories. Holmes is a Victorian and Edwardian hero – and he’s at his best in the original stories as written by Conan Doyle. I also love both Watsons – quietly supporting Holmes, because he is the Doctor’s friend.

Both of the Watsons are intelligent, smart – and the handover, from David Burke in “The Final Problem” to Hardwicke in “The Empty House” and all subsequent episodes, is handled well. Holmesian lore remarks it’s like 2-3 years from Holmes “death” to his resurrection – an older Watson fits. I can’t even say one or the other actor’s my favorite since Burke fits the early Holmes stories and Hardwicke fits the latter ones.

The set is gorgeously packaged in a double slip-case, green with gold embossing, with Holmes’s sayings embossed on the inner case. The DVDs are packaged in two foldout cases, but at least the discs don’t overlap. Also, the set is digitally remastered. The episodes look fantastic, much, much better than the original “Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” box set release of the first 13 episodes (only).  If you do have the original box sets of: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The Return of Sherlock Holmes, The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes, The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, and the Feature Film collection – then you already have the material in this set (there are only a couple of extra features unfortunately) – but the gorgeous, book-like case and digital re-mastering might make you want to pick this up as well.


Sherlock Holmes – Jeremy Brett Photoset



Granada holmes.

Perfect humans. *sigh*

Love these pics!

Sherlock Holmes – Photosets – Characters in Various Versions



Granada ♦ Warner Bros ♦ BBC

This is great!

PERFECT!!!  Absoultely PERFECT!  Whoever made this deserves an award.  I seriously love seeing all the different versions of the characters, and the clips are great.

Baker Street Babies – Ashley Polasek Interview


We surprised Ashley Polasek, our live podcast guest, with an invitation to officially join our ranks as the 12th Baker Street Babe! (she said yes!)

Ashley Polasek is an “Aca-Sherlockian,” happily living at the crossroads of academia, traditional Sherlockiana, and contemporary fandom. She has spoken about Sherlock Holmes at academic conferences across the US, UK, and continental Europe, and she will graduate with her PhD on adaptations of Sherlock Holmes in July of 2014.

She has been published in the Baker Street Journal, and was a speaker at the “Behind the Canonical Screen” conference in Los Angeles in 2012; she will co-edit (with Lyndsay Faye) the conference’s companion volume for the BSI Press. Ashley has been previously interviewed on CNN International and CBS Sunday Morning, and she can be found on Twitter @SherlockPhD.

Sherlock Holmes – RDJ – Green Screen Fight




Behind the scenes of Robert Downey Jr fighting and being man-handled in Sherlock Holmes.

With Mark Strong (Blackwood) and Robert Maillet (Dredger)

We would gladly man-handle that fella.

Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes


Last pic:

“Look at my perfect hair swisssh! I’m fabulous”.

Gods – Jeremy Brett!  So fabulous.  The man who made me a fan of *Sherlock Holmes*.