Book Review – The Map of Time

  • Title: The Map of Time
  • Author: Félix de Palma; Translated by: Nick Caistor
  • Date Reviewed on GoodReads: 08/26/2012

This was the best novel I read in 2011 (I read the e-book edition). I enjoyed it because it almost parodies the classic British novels that I love so much. But it also reads like a Victorian early SF novel (think Wells or Verne) and, indeed, HG Wells is one of the characters in the book. The novel has three distinct parts, and it really heats up at the end when you realize exactly what is going on (I’d love to read a sequel or another book in the series but with new characters). My e-copy was bundled with a copyright-free copy of The Time Machine by HG Wells (which I didn’t really need because I’ve read it before and own copies in hardcover, paperback, and e-book formats).

The novel involves a time travel con game, HG Wells, real time travelers, and Jack-the-Ripper. I know that sounds like a lot — but it pulls it off. I cannot recommend this enough – five stars!

Update: There are two sequels planned for this novel. I have the first one, The Map of the Stars.