Felicity Smoak, My Heroine

And the title of my blog comes from this scene in the CW’s Arrow.  No copyright infringement intended.

Special Offers :: Silva Screen Music

Doctor Who music – on sale, including the EXCELLENT 50th Anniversary edition. Believe me, you want the 4-disc British version of that anyway, not the cut down 2 CD Amazon US version. Check it out.

Special Offers :: Silva Screen Music

Create a Doctor Who Playlist


Day twenty-two: What songs would appear on your Doctor Who playlist? Make us a mixtape!

I have plenty of songs from Doctor Who or that I associate with Doctor Who that I love, but here are a few:

  1. This is Gallifrey, Our Childhood, Our Home– Murray Gold
  2. Traveling Man-…

Here’s a few that I can think of:

Traveller in Time – Uriah Heep

Baby Grand – Billy Joel  (no, really – the song is about a singer who’s in love with his steady baby grand piano because all the women in his life leave him – like the Doctor and the TARDIS)

Life Less Ordinary and What About Everything – by Carbon Leaf (Indian Summer, CD)

Time Slip by Leslie Fish (Serious Steel, CD)

Slime Creatures from Outer Space by Weird Al Yankovic